August 14, 2023

Quinn+Partners Announces Leadership Update

We started Quinn+Partners a decade ago out of a passion to build better, more sustainable organizations. From two founders, we are now a company of more than 40 professionals serving clients across Canada, the United States, Europe and beyond. 

As we pass our decade milestone, we’re excited to announce an evolution in our company management.

Tony Pringle, our Co-founder, is now Chief Executive Officer. Tony will helm the execution of our strategy and oversee day-to-day management, including finance and people. Francisca Quinn will continue as President and Chair of our Board. Her renewed focus will be on developing the next generation of advisory leaders, ensuring service excellence, and growing our strategic client relationships and external partnerships.

The Leadership Team is bolstered by Emily Partington, Luke Westfall and Rosalie Vendette. Luke and Emily have played an important role in our company’s growth and evolution and are now Managing Directors.

We’re proud of what we’ve achieved over the last ten years, together with our forward-thinking, ambitious clients and exceptional team.

As our company continues to grow and offer increasingly specialized services to an expanded client roster, we remain devoted to our purpose and dedicated to affecting positive change. The need to address global sustainability issues, including climate change, is more critical now than ever.