Discover Roles

Discover Roles


Analysts are individuals on the first or second leg of their career journey. They play an integral role on our consulting projects by providing research and analysis, client-ready documents and presentations for team projects. Importantly, we do not hide our analysts in a back room. This is a client-facing role with lots of liaising with clients regarding project work. This is the ideal introduction to ESG consulting: the tasks are rewarding, the learning curve is steep, and ample mentorship is provided every step of the way. 

Senior Analyst

This is the ultimate role to build project management and client relationship skills. Senior analysts must own their work while delivering on every front. Navigating multiple priorities and staying on time and budget? They go without saying. Not dropping any balls or letting anything fall through the cracks? Of course. The real test is being an independent, analytical thinker. Must-haves: the ability to structure research and analysis, proactively execute work with an eye to the implications for our clients; run meetings with confidence and present with poise; and begin role modelling for newer analysts along the way. 


Consultants play a key role in delivering services to our clients while managing their team. They are the point guard of the consulting team — structuring the team’s research and ensuring everyone collaborates effectively. Consultants are doers, too: they don’t just oversee qualitative and quantitative analyses, they dive into it themselves, taking their subject-matter expertise to the new levels. Consultants are also involved on the business side, monitoring team productivity, tracking project budgets and helping with invoicing. They liaise with clients regularly and are constantly on the look-out for new opportunities for our clients.

Manager and Senior Managers

Senior consultants manage the consultants, analysts, and sub-contractors on their team. They direct and oversee their team’s research and coach their team on all aspects of their projects with an emphasis on helping the team develop big, compelling ideas. They nurture strong relationships with their clients, conceiving of ways to continuously improve our work and guide our clients on multi-year journeys. They also help with business development, identifying opportunities, managing proposals, tracking emerging trends in the market and representing Q+P in the industry. These well-rounded positions touch all aspects of the firm’s daily life, readying individuals for management positions.


The most senior position at the firm, Directors are responsible for ensuring our client relationships are exceptional and enduring. This doesn’t just mean delivering excellent work. It means finding new opportunities for our clients, innovating and advancing industry practices and developing thought leadership. Directors are leaders who also have their hands on every facet of the firm— managing staffing, budgets and business development, while shaping the culture of the firm and mentoring everyone around them. It’s a big job, but through planning and teamwork, we have found a way to make it both exciting and rewarding.