Interviewing With Us

Interviewing with Us

We want to get to know each other well. Our interview process helps you demonstrate how you can contribute to our team and our clients’ success. Throughout, we encourage you to ask questions.

The initial interview exists to get to know more about you, including your background and experience, your career goals and why you are interested in joining the Q+P team. You will be asked questions about what you want to contribute to our work and your perspectives about the business case for sustainability. This interview will take 30 minutes.

The second interview enables us to learn more about your skills and strengths, your preferences for how you work best and your perspectives about a variety of professional situations. Your interviewer will ask behavioural questions that require you to provide examples from your past to illustrate your approaches to various circumstances. This interview will take 1 hour.

The third interview is a case interview. It is framed as a client problem that requires you to structure your approach to finding a solution. We are looking for you to show us your analytical skills and reasoning, critical thinking, curiosity, creativity and resourcefulness. This interview will take 1 hour.

The fourth interview step is a quantitative analytical exercise. We will provide you with a task to complete and submit your analysis. We are interested in your technical proficiency and your ability to demonstrate your findings clearly. This exercise will take approximately 2 hours.

The fifth and final step is to present the findings of the quantitative analytical exercise to our leadership team. You will be asked to step through your approach, key findings and recommendations just as you would with a client. The presentation will take 30 minutes.