June 2, 2020

A Practical Approach to Improving Property Climate Resilience

Quinn+Partners, in partnership with Triovest Realty Advisors, contributed an article to the GRESB Insights Series summarizing its approach to evaluating and mitigating climate change and other environmental, social and operational risks.

β€œIn 2019, Triovest partnered with management consultants and ESG advisors Quinn+Partners to develop a novel property-resilience management toolkit to augment its existing Resilience Policy and related approaches. The new tool and business process evaluate climate risks and other critical environmental, social and operational risks facing real estate assets. Evaluated topics include flood events, extreme temperatures, severe storm events, earthquakes, community shocks and stressors, cybersecurity threats, loss of power and telecommunication, and domestic water release.”

See the full article here: Resilience as a business opportunity – A practical approach to improve property preparedness