Corporate Knights Capital portfolio footprinting

Corporate Knights Capital, an investment advisory and research firm, and Quinn & partners have partnered to provide data and analytical capabilities to investor clients including portfolio carbon measurement, analysis and reduction strategies. Corporate Knights Capital has over a decade of experience quantifying corporate sustainability and has developed Clean Capitalist, a tool for investors to decarbonize their portfolios. Its parent, Corporate Knights, publishes the world’s largest circulating responsible business magazine and serves as the secretariat for the Council for Clean Capitalism.


Clean50 partnership

Clean50 recognizes Canada’s remarkable and inspiring leaders in sustainability. Each year, Clean50 Honorees are recognized by way of a Summit which is designed to build connections between participants from different industries and parts of Canada.

As a Clean50 Partner and previous honoree, Quinn & Partners contributes to building Clean50 market awareness and encouraging collaboration across the Canadian sustainability leaders.


DeMarco Allan LLP Energy, Climate Change, and Clean Tech Legal Services

Co-located with law firm DeMarco Allan LLP, we supplement our business strategy advisory services with leading legal expertise in the areas of energy, climate change and clean technology. This includes the implications of high profile energy hearings, emerging carbon market regimes, electric vehicles, green finance contracts and advanced renewable energy and energy storage contracts. Because of our co-location and close working relationship, we can, subject to conflict rules, seamlessly and cost effectively implement business strategies that require legal considerations and know-how.


Zizzo Strategy climate expertise

Zizzo Strategy provides policy, governance and engineering expertise in climate risk, resiliency and low-carbon solutions to support our clients’ understanding how climate change impacts both physical and built environments and how these changes are reflected in environmental, economic and financial market regulation. Our collaboration to date includes mandatory and voluntary climate change reporting and business processes to manage climate risks.


Strandberg Consulting Canadian consultancy partnership

Strandberg Consulting is a Vancouver-based sustainability consultancy led by experienced sustainability advisor Coro Strandberg. With complementary skills and industry expertise, we team up to deliver tailored sustainability strategy solutions that leverage our 50+ years of collective experience in corporate sustainability. With presence in both Eastern and Western Canada, we can also offer in-person delivery on most projects.


Risk Nexus sustainability risk management

Risk Nexus is a risk advisory services firm that represents real estate and infrastructure investors across the Americas. Quinn & Partners collaborates with Risk Nexus to offer solutions that identify and mitigate environmental and related social risks, including risk management systems and organizational processes needed to manage risk and insurance solutions.

One Stone global consultancy partnership

To tap into best international sustainability practice, we have a strategic partnership with B-Corp certified sustainability consultancy One Stone Advisors. One Stone has a presence in Sweden, U.K., Australia and the U.S. Together we can offer an unparalleled service offering, industry experience and team of talent. Please visit One Stone’s website to read about its work with multinational sustainability leaders.


Measurabl sustainability data, management and reporting

Measurabl is a software company that provides a cloud-based solution for sustainability data management and reporting. Its services include information collection and aggregation for GRESB, CDP and GRI disclosure. Quinn & Partners works with Measurabl to provide tailored data collection and reporting solutions to our large clients by leveraging the platform to engage operations around the world for easier data collection and measurement.