Client services

We provide support to Canada’s emerging sustainability leaders

Quinn & Partners works with Canada’s emerging sustainability leaders to advise on and support the business integration of corporate sustainability.

Corporate sustainability, sometimes described in terms of triple-bottom-line, green business, corporate (social) responsibility, corporate responsibility and citizenship, is a new business paradigm that enhances business strategy and management to include environmental, human and societal objectives together with the traditional singular financial focus.

Financial market research increasingly correlates superior long-term stock performance with sustainability progressiveness. That means that organizations that integrate sustainability into their business processes offer shareholders increased returns and lower risk. Investors see strong sustainability approaches as a proxy for “good management”.

In embedding corporate sustainability, we offer the following services:

QP wordcloud strategy


• Sustainability assessment in corporate strategy and risk management

• Materiality analysis

• Design and roll-out of sustainability strategy and programs

• Development of key performance indicators

• Sustainability governance at the company and board level

QP wordcloud implementation


• Policy and procedures development

• Management processes, role definition and training

• Target setting

• Sustainability measurement and information systems

• Carbon and climate change management

• Employee, customer and supplier engagement

• Lifecycle assessment

QP wordcloud audit


• Benchmarking of environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives against standards and best practice

• ESG due diligence services for private equity investors

• Audit-readiness

• Third-party verification of sustainability data and performance measurement

• Sustainability information systems reliability

QP wordcloud reporting


• Performance scorecards

• Internal communications

• Sustainability reporting: financial disclosures and standards, including SASB, TFCD, GRI, CDP

• Effective responses to investor disclosure requests such as PRI, CDP, GRESB and DJSI

• Community and regulatory engagement