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GRESB INSIGHT SERIES: Resilience as a business opportunity – A practical approach to improve property preparedness

Quinn & Partners, in partnership with Triovest Realty Advisors, contributed an article to the GRESB Insights Series summarizing its approach to evaluating and mitigating climate change and other environmental, social and operational risks.

“ In 2019, Triovest partnered with management consultants and ESG advisors Quinn & Partners to develop a novel property-resilience management toolkit to augment its existing Resilience Policy and related approaches. The new tool and business process evaluate climate risks and other critical environmental, social and operational risks facing real estate assets. Evaluated topics include flood events, extreme temperatures, severe storm events, earthquakes, community shocks and stressors, cybersecurity threats, loss of power and telecommunication, and domestic water release. ”

See the full article here: Resilience as a business opportunity – A practical approach to improve property preparedness

GRESB Insights Series: A practical approach to assessing and managing physical climate change risks in global portfolios

Quinn & Partners contributed an article to the GRESB Insights Series summarizing a practical approach to managing physical climate change risks in global portfolios.

“Physical risks represent a threat to real estate because buildings must adapt to the changing climate in their region or risk obsolescence. Despite the threat, few owners understand their exposure to these risks and what management strategies currently are in place – especially across global, diverse property portfolios.  This is not surprising as there is little industry guidance so it can be intimidating to take that first step into a previously unexplored area. That is why we worked with our client, The Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan (HOOPP), to develop a pragmatic approach to assessing risk and resilience.”

See the full article here: A Practical Approach to Assessing and Managing Physical Climate Change Risks in Global Portfolios

GRESB Insights Series: 7 Steps to Improve the Quality of Your ESG Data

Quinn & Partners contributed an article to the GRESB Insight series going through 7 steps to improve the quality of your ESG data.

“Good data—data that is accurate, comparable and easy to understand—allows sustainability managers to evaluate performance and provides incisive insights to help asset managers make informed investment decisions.

Our team supports asset owners and managers—collectively responsible for assets well in excess of $200 billion—tackle their data woes head on and report with confidence. While the road to data bliss is never easy, we guarantee that these seven steps will make the journey smoother.”

See the full article here: 7 Steps to Improve the Quality of Your ESG Data


IPPSO FACTO August 2017 Issue – The flourishing market for corporate sustainability investments

“Canadian companies are increasingly focused on making long term improvements in their environmental and social performance, in some cases upping the ante to levels never before seen. This is reflected in a range of sizable new investment programs targeting significant advancements in sustainability, environmental impacts and governance. Many of the programs include long term Power Purchase Agreements, an investment category that is likely poised for impressive growth.”

IPPSO FACTO – the magazine of the Association of Power Producers of Ontario (APPrO) requested that Quinn & Partners contribute to its August 2017 issue. In this article, Francisca Quinn provides information on greening corporate portfolios and the advantages of long term Power Purchasing Agreements (PPAs).

You can read the article here: The flourishing market for corporate sustainability investments


TDC Final Cover

Francisca Quinn was proud to join a group of leading sustainability and real estate professionals in contributing content to Chapter 5, Sustainability in Real Estate, of “Canadian Commercial Real Estate: Theory, Practice, Strategy”. The textbook was published in 2016 by the Real Property Association of Canada (REALPac) and written by its CEO, S. Michael Brooks. It is the first comprehensive literature on Canadian commercial real estate.

Chapter 5 provides a thorough overview of the evolving context of sustainability in commercial real estate. Specifically, the chapter explains material sustainability impacts of the real estate industry, green building certification and sustainability disclosure.

The textbook is currently used at Ryerson University in its real estate project capstone course.

Corporate Knights April 2014 Issue – Sustainable Buildings Boost Value of Institutional Portfolios

Issue 48 Cover

“Canadian pension plans hold more than $100 billion of real estate assets. In 2012, pension plans allocated on average 10 per cent of total assets to this investment type, the highest number on record. With this clout, institutional investors play in important role in promoting sustainable building practices in new construction and existing building retrofits”

Well-known Canadian business publication Corporate Knights asked Quinn & Partners to contribute to its April 2014 Sustainable Buildings issue. In this article Francisca Quinn reviews the business case for incorporating sustainability considerations in institutional property investing, provides investor examples and reports on market leaders’ portfolio return.

Download the article here: Sustainable Buildings Boost Value of Institutional Portfolios

By: Francisca Quinn

Ethical Corporation Briefing – Corporate Adaptation to Climate Change


“Even the most progressive companies are still in the nascent stages of trying to determine their climate change risks. Most companies are completely unaware.”

Ethical Corporation Magazine, an international leader in corporate sustainability publishing, commissioned Quinn & Partners to contribute to its North American Briefing which was published in March 2014. In the article authors Tony Pringle and Francisca Quinn discuss how companies in North America are just beginning to consider the risks of a changing climate in corporate strategy and business operations in the wake of more than a decade of record breaking extreme weather events. We give examples of climate-related business risks across industries and best management.

Read the article through Ethical Corporation Magazine online: North America Briefing Part 4: Climate change – Fit for the future

State-owned companies as corporate sustainability leaders: Sweden

 sweden_pic.Corp Knightsjpg

Article published in Corporate Knight’s web edition 2013-11-06

“Who best drives advancement in sustainability – governments or corporations? In Sweden, this question is being turned on its head. The answer is not ‘traditional’ government regulation.”

Read the article: State-owned companies as corporate sustainability leaders: Sweden

Written by Astrid von Schmeling &  Francisca Quinn